An image of the landscaping in the south of the olympic park in London that was delivered by Arup.; An image of the landscaping in the south of the olympic park in London that was delivered by Arup.;

Landscape architecture

Creating beautiful, inclusive and resilient environments

Creating beautiful, inclusive and resilient environments

Well-designed landscapes offer spaces for recreation, relaxation and social interactions, promoting mental and physical health. Our landscape architects design schemes that produce a wide range of benefits, from managing stormwater and attracting economic activity, to supporting habitat restoration and improving air quality and shade from intense heat.

Creative landscape architecture is about finding a connection and balance between the natural, technological and human worlds. Our goal is to maximise the benefits without compromises. ” Mike Wood Mike Wood Director

We help clients to analyse, imagine, design and deliver thoughtful, regenerative schemes – developing everything from urban parklands and leisure facilities, to the green areas around commercial, residential and transport projects. By balancing functionality, beauty, safety, accessibility and environmental sensitivity, landscape architecture can shape sustainable, thriving and enjoyable urban and rural environments. Together with our architecture, urban design, ecological, planning and transport specialists, our integrated landscape solutions consider the impact on interconnected systems across water, ecology, transport, energy and waste. 

How we help you

Our landscape expertise covers strategic development plans, masterplans for new cities, districts and mixed-use developments, major infrastructure projects as well as streetscapes, public realm and green building solutions. We work with clients from the earliest possible stages of a scheme, to shape and define landscape projects with enduring value.

Develop landscape strategies and masterplans

We help clients integrate natural and built environments into their projects from the outset, maximising urban green infrastructure, improving local biodiversity and providing a sustainable backdrop to modern life. Our coordinated design approach across disciplines creates sympathetic landscapes that can evolve with the future. We create landscape strategies and frameworks at city or district level that help to resolve urban challenges such as car use and active travel, climate resilience, air pollution, urban heat, encouraging economic activity whilst improving connectivity with nature.

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Climate positive design

We help our clients manage and mitigate the carbon impacts of their landscape projects by reducing carbon footprints and increasing sequestration in the places we design. We can protect and expand natural assets to deliver benefits to city developments. From planting urban forests, pedestrianising whole districts, creating new blue-green corridors and wetlands to large scale passive cooling of surfaces and buildings and integrated ‘green, blue and grey’ water management. Integrating nature in every urban system delivers wider ecosystem benefits. These range from improved pollination and flood control to improved biodiversity. Landscape architecture can help produce healthier communities, sustainable development and economic growth.

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Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions are often the most affordable and scalable way to restore, regenerate and enhance an environment. They’re often the lowest emission solution to build an area or asset’s resilience to climate change too. 

Our expertise spans natural capital assessments, support with green finance and nature governance, alongside strategic planning and nature design to shift projects towards outcomes that reverse nature degradation. From regenerative land management to green buildings, we integrate nature-based solutions as a fundamental element in the planning, design and ongoing delivery and stewardship of proposed schemes.

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Digital analysis and artficial intelligence

Digital analytics deepen our understanding of landscape design and environmental issues. Our team uses machine learning based tools to monitor and evaluate changes in urban tree canopies and associated UV protection over time. Tools like Terrain enable our teams to craft landscape architecture solutions that reflect and respond to the way cities have developed. Digital is central to decarbonisation and ecological gain targets too. We collate data on hard and soft landscape materials and embodied carbon, asset management and maintenance requirements, enabling clients to benchmark schemes against set performance criteria for carbon and biodiversity.

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Inclusive landscape design and social value

Successful schemes must always work for the whole community. Our team engages with community groups, indigenous groups, specialists and local experts to consider the experiences and desired outcomes of different cultures, races and gender identities. We always aim to fully understand the issues across many user groups, from accessibility to perceptions of safety. We co-create places that improve people’s quality of life for the long-term.

Enhancing major projects

Major projects and infrastructure developments provide an opportunity to go far beyond standard mitigation practices and enhance the wider landscape’s aesthetic, cultural and ecological condition for generations to come. We embed regenerative land management and nature-based solutions to restore habitats, reverse species loss and design in resilience to extreme climate change impacts, such as intense heat or flooding. 


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