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Transport consulting

Low carbon transport is our priority. Equally, we look to connect more people with smarter transport solutions.

Low carbon transport is our priority. Equally, we look to connect more people with smarter transport solutions.

These aims anchor Arup’s approach to transport, whether collaborating with clients to create innovative solutions or shaping debate on policy and planning.

We have the big-picture and technical understanding essential to achieve truly integrated transport systems that meet communities’ needs today and in the future.

Our state-of-the-art work in masterplanning, sustainable infrastructure, interchange design, rail, aviation, highways and advanced technology keeps that knowledge current.

Seamless journeys

Up-to-the-minute transport technology fails unless it is integrated into systems that are convenient, comfortable and reliable for all users.

Arup’s plans and studies have improved journeys in places as diverse as Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Boise, Idaho, US, by identifying changes to help more people move with greater ease, using less energy.

We use sophisticated forecasting and modelling to consider all forms of transport – including walking and cycling, freight and the urban bus and metro links that connect with intercity and inter-regional transport.

Transport planning integrates communities by providing better accessibility and connectivity for everyone. ” Wilfred Lau Wilfred Lau

This short animation looks at how urban mobility might look in the future.
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Realising future thinking now

Innovations such as high-speed rail and low-emission vehicles are taking us towards a connected, low-carbon future. But cities and regions must also adapt their infrastructure and policy to make that future a reality.

Arup supports governments and authorities with strategy and the legal and institutional frameworks to implement these new systems. We even provide technical advice to the UK’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles to help pave the way for early adoption of ultra low-carbon vehicles.

As sustainable solutions must also make economic sense, Arup gives investors confidence with transaction advice, appraisal and demand and revenue forecasting.

Smarter transport

Intelligent transport systems bring greater control and automation to road networks. They ease congestion and carbon emissions and allow speedier response to incidents.

Arup’s powerful mix of traffic, engineering and IT and communications expertise has improved some of the world’s busiest road networks. In Hong Kong, for instance, we’ve brought smarter solutions to both traffic management and surveillance.