Given the breadth of Arup’s work across the built environment’s design, engineering and user experience, it was natural that we would also choose to develop products when a clear need or opportunity emerges.

Our team of design, engineering, materials and sustainability experts collaborate and develop products that add real value in the contexts our clients inhabit. Our product portfolio includes mechanical and electronic appliances, furniture, digital devices, lighting solutions, building products and components, transportation and packaging.

Product systems


We worked with Reggiani to develop the Traceline architectural lighting system. Our product research led to an energy efficient and highly adaptable miniature LED lighting system to enhance interior space. We also developed the ‘Bentley Hero Light’ for the car company – developing a 6m circular pendant LED light to effectively illuminate and showcase an important new model.


Effective hygiene in emergency zones, whether caused by natural events or conflict, is an essential part of any response. We developed the Jengu handwashing units, working with the British Red Cross, to enable practical, ffective handwashing in humanitarian and development settings.  

Enhancing user experiences

Our designers, psychologists and human factors specialists place people and their experience at the heart of projects. For examples, we created the first train seat comfort assessment tool for RSSB to help train operators understand and improve seat comfort for passengers, enhancing their journey. We created Memory & Light for London’s V&A Museum and the Be Open Sound Portal pavilion in Trafalgar Square, providing visitors with unforgettable multi-sensory experiences.

The Be Open sound portal is an extraordinary piece of design and creativity from Arup

Sir John Sorrell

Chair and Founder of London Design Festival

Designing at different scales 

Our product design ambitions are always growing. Today we’re focused on products for buildings and their interior environments, the urban realm, and innovative products where the physical and digital worlds merge. We help clients in the journey to net zero, evaluating and reducing carbon footprints using our combined sustainability expertise and impact assessment tools. 


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