Our scope includes classic project management elements such as scheduling, cost tracking, document and data management, design coordination, procurement, and claims management. And thanks to Arup’s comprehensive expertise, we can also provide multidisciplinary project management tailored to each client’s specific needs.

This across-the-board approach empowers clients to address strategic objectives that extend beyond the typical coverage of a project management team. For instance, our services can include technical design peer reviews, Building Information Modelling (BIM), engineering data management, operations consulting, and sustainability project advisory. The project’s successful delivery becomes less a task and more an embodiment of the client organisation’s strategic goals. 

Arup’s global network of engineers and managers allows us to scale technical advisory services to global multi-project programs. While our programme management services can stand alone, our life science clients derive the most value from combining these capabilities with our engineering expertise. This often involves standardised assessments of facilities, focusing on aspects such as energy efficiency, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, risk management, and resilience.

Arup’s approach prioritises consistent engineering solutions across clients’ departments and locations by establishing uniform methods of, seamless knowledge transfer, and the development of technical and management standards.