Arup has a long track record of delivering world-class, award-winning research. We collaborate with our clients and educational institutions to carry out pure and strategic research, applied research and experimental development.

We are particularly interested in applied research as it allows us to gather new knowledge to benefit our clients and enables us to evolve our project work. At Arup, research is a highly creative and rigorous process, and our people are encouraged to undertake research activities as part of their career development at Arup. 

Applied and basic research

Each year, we invest in over 200 research projects globally, working with clients, major universities and research institutes. Our research programme aims to support improvements across our industry, and unlock much-needed advancesin sustainable development. 

Our remit is wide, tackling everything from large scale fire testing of timber structures and façades, to energy system transformation, artificial intelligence applications, whole life carbon reduction and new nature-based solutions. Our research methodologies combine design exploration with rigorous and established scientific methods.

Forestra panel video cover
We worked with technology design group Mogu develop building materials, like acoustic panels and floor tiles, grown from mycelium. Mycelium, the systems of root-like fibers that supplement most types of fungus, colonizes organic waste and turns it into exceptional and sustainable designs.