Today the risks to people, assets and organisations are rapidly evolving. We help clients navigate the toughest questions in the spheres of safety risk, security risk and business risk. Whether due to geopolitical risk, climate change, life extension of ageing infrastructure or the increased connectivity of our built environment, we help clients develop appropriate and proportionate solutions to their risks. Our team includes leading experts in security intelligence, blast and protective design, physical and electronic security, cyber-security, personnel and operational security.

How we can help you:

Safety risk

We address operational safety risks, across a wide range of sectors.

Safety risk

We help clients understand problems in safety risk, such as decarbonisation and the transition to the hydrogen economy or other low carbon alternatives or achieving world-leading rail safety. We assess and manage novel and complex technical safety and system reliability issues, developing best practice to support decision-making, preparing structured safety arguments and reducing individual and societal risk.

In the transport sector, we led the safety assessment to decarbonise the UK rail network through overhead or conductor-rail electrification, battery and hydrogen-powered rolling stock. We also lead deployment of digital in-cab signalling and train protection systems through all life-cycle stages and evaluate novel risk such as the integration of safety-critical interfaces between new software, control and hardware systems.

In the energy sector, we were first to assess how hydrogen can be safely deployed into people’s homes, developing the safety case for the first large-scale pilot for the use of hydrogen for cooking and heating. We have a world-leading reputation for technical safety advisory services in the low carbon energy sector, advising clients on the technical and safety evidence, codes and standards that will support the global and local transition to a low-carbon economy. 

In building safety, our experts are working with property developers and managers to prepare safety cases for the fire, life safety and structural safety of high-risk buildings under enhanced regulatory environments around the world.

Security risk

Prepare for physical threats to people, organisations, built assets and emerging cyber-security risks.

Security risk

Adopting a risk-based approach, we draw on a 30-year track record of helping organisations understand their exposure to physical threats to the security of people, organisations and built assets and cyber-security threats to connected assets and systems. Against a constantly-evolving risk background, we help clients make better-informed decisions about which risks to protect against, which to mitigate and which to accept. Combining structured intelligence on terrorism, civil unrest and crime risks with urban design and engineering capabilities, we provide objective and evidential assessment of credible threats and risks, help define clients’ risk appetites and develop proportional risk mitigation measures. 

Our world-renowned blast and protective design engineers have helped realise countless high-risk and high-profile buildings worldwide. We combine best-in-class analytical methods and blast testing and the design of hostile vehicle mitigation to unlock unrivalled design solutions.   Our approach allows clients to achieve structural and façade design that is truly world-class, whether in existing buildings such as New Scotland Yard or the Canadian High Commission in London, or in new construction such as Abu Dhabi International Airport or the Singapore Sports Hub.

We have pioneered approaches that break new ground in the effectiveness and efficiency of electronic security systems, driving both capital and operational expenditure savings and providing peer-reviewed security risk mitigation.  We are at the forefront of smart and connected building and city technology, and our cyber-advisory specialists have industry-leading expertise in Operational Technology (OT) and IoT technology, bringing brings unrivalled insight in design and cyber-security of IoT, OT and electronic security systems in the property, rail and energy sectors.

Business risk

Establish resilience to rapidly changing market conditions and supply chain threats.

Business risk

With the increasingly volatile operational environment in which today’s organisations find themselves in, traditional risk management isn’t enough: we need to build resilience against unforeseen shocks and stresses. Businesses must adapt to the changing needs of their people, their customers and suppliers, while navigating the financial or operational challenges.

The management of business risk starts with commensurate strategies, policies and procedures. Together, these ensure your organisation anticipates, prepares for, can respond and adapt to sudden disruptions and incremental stresses in order to survive and prosper.

We combine our cross-sector expertise in  organisational resilience with deep sector-specific knowledge  to develop a comprehensive understanding of organisations’ preparedness and the interventions needed to navigate risks and provide the agility to capitalise on opportunities.

We help data centre providers achieve the stringent availability and reliability required to provide excellence for their clients. We reduce the frequency of failures and the need for preventative maintenance in hard-to-reach places such as on nuclear sites or in offshore wind generation, and help the rail sector use data to make better, data-driven decisions about planned preventative maintenance and the need for intervention on the operational railway, improving levels of safety and reliability. In the aviation sector, we help clients navigate the regulatory landscape for aviation security in search, screening and physical security. We can evaluate supply-chain risk and quantify resilience against natural hazards, and our cyber-advisory experts put in place the governance arrangements, policies, culture and the security architecture and technical systems needed to effectively manage clients’ cyber-security risks and ensure safe and secure operation of their assets.