Today’s rapidly changing political, socio-economic and environmental landscape has created a risk climate that is constantly evolving. Our increased connectivity and dependency on infrastructure and technology builds increased brittleness into our society and systems, increasing the risks arising from accidental hazards and human-generated threats. With innovations in technology, our clients are faced with the introduction of new risks and a need to understand the implications on current risks. 

Our team has a 20-year track record of delivering high-quality advisory services helping organisations to understand their exposure to threats and make better-informed responses. Our resilience, security and risk experts have seen traditional and emerging risks become more and more unpredictable, creating a new reality for our clients. We act as trusted advisors to private- and public-sector clients worldwide anticipate, adapt to, withstand and recover from the risks their organisations face.

How we help you

Operational resilience

We can help you ensure continuity of operations to a pre-agreed level within a set time. Our comprehensive solutions include advice on planning for operational disruption including disruption to supply chain and other activities within your supply chain. We will work with you to develop the business case for investing in resilience measures, building understanding within your organisation.


Terrorism is a persistent threat facing society worldwide, understanding the extreme impact to structures, we are better able to protection people, assets and operations. Our specialists have a deep understanding of the performance of structures, glazing and cladding, simulating blast incidents’ and analysing the potential effects. We have experts in mitigation against attack by hostile vehicles and advise on shelter protection, and evacuation and invacuation strategies.

Physical security

Optimising security and operations requires a mix of established techniques and the implementation of new technology. We develop security strategy, integrating electronic security, security hardware and secure and controlled spaces to support our clients’ goals.

Protective intelligence

We provide structured intelligence on terrorism, civil unrest and crime risks with urban design and engineering capabilities, helping clients to mitigate their exposure to malicious and non-malicious risks. We provide objective and evidential assessment of credible threats and risks to help define clients’ risk appetite and support the selection of proportional risk mitigation measures.

Technical risk and reliability

We identify, assess and manage technical risks, ranging from system failures, and man-made hazards to industrial accident risks. We help our clients to design and operate their assets safely and reliably, optimising uptime and complying with legislative and regulatory standards.