Our engineering and design specialists can design strategies for modular, flexible or adaptable solutions to expand capacity and optimise operations. We can advise on the inclusion of emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and machine learning to inform the most efficient manufacturing processes, allowing your business to swiftly respond to evolving markets.

Resilience is key to an efficient manufacturing strategy, providing the groundwork for efficient, uninterrupted production. Our planning and advisory teams can help make your risk management, strategic redundancy and supply chain programmes resilient to disruption and unexpected challenges.

Climate impact and resource constraints require construction and operation of factories be both sustainable and resilient. This includes reduced energy, water and material consumption and a shift towards the circular economy. It also means making choices in design and location that limit climate-related weather risks and reduce transportation needs. Our climate-related expertise offers innovative technology integration, flexible layout design, optimised supply chain processes, workforce development and a commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient practices.