Government targets, and real time climate impact, there is an increased urgency to rethink the design of learning environments. Institutions are required to reduce carbon footprints and mitigate the broader impacts of climate change. While incremental progress is being made towards decarbonisation, understandable uncertainty remains around how to achieve the goal in a systematic and enduring way. At Arup, we are committed to supporting the education sector to prepare for and make the transition to net zero.

Energy efficiency

In parallel with reducing existing carbon footprints, academic institutions face pressure to meet stringent environmental standards for new developments. Arup's multidisciplinary engineering teams are experienced in the design of energy-efficient solutions that not only decrease energy consumption but strengthen resilience to extreme weather events. Incorporating green infrastructure such as biodiverse roofs and green walls not only enhances air quality but can contribute to climate resilience. Through a combination of physical adaptations and operational measures, we help institutions mitigate climate risks and ensure the vibrancy and well-being of educational environments.

Campus-wide decarbonisation

For decarbonisation, Arup can assist campus portfolios reconsider their focus on building new developments and explore options to upgrade or repurpose existing buildings. Our energy specialists can analyse the introduction of renewable energy sources into campus infrastructure and integrate energy storage solutions to enhances campus resilience, improving energy efficiency, and contributing to sustainability objectives. 

The implementation of decarbonisation commitments requires a methodical, phased approach. Arup's team of decarbonisation specialists are able to support institutions at every stage of this journey. From accurate assessments of current carbon footprints to development of comprehensive net-zero strategies tailored to individual assets, campuses, or entire portfolios, our experts can provide pathways and tailored solutions to decarbonisation. Transitioning to implementation demands a profound shift in stakeholder behaviour. Arup's change and project management teams can guide institutions towards effective net-zero strategies, identifying optimal governance structures and fostering organisational cultures aligned with sustainability goals.