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IT infrastructure design

We create IT infrastructure and integrated technology designs that support buildings and businesses on day one and into the future.

We create IT infrastructure and integrated technology designs that support buildings and businesses on day one and into the future.

The built environment is powered by a myriad of complex systems that enable businesses, buildings and people to operate effectively. Our consultants combine technology expertise with built environment knowledge to design network and ICT infrastructure solutions that ensure operations are never compromised and reach their full potential.

The power of the network

Successful infrastructure design and implementation is critical to the success of any modern business, so it must be planned at the start of a project. Your equipment room is the nerve centre of your building, supplying power and data along cabling infrastructure. As bandwidths increase, so must the capacity of the cabling and of the wired and wireless networks. Today, IT infrastructure must also include distributed antenna systems for smartphones and tablets.

The network environment is becoming more complex. Organisations are demanding more from both their wired and wireless networks because of increasing requirements upon their security, building management and lighting control systems. Data analytics, compliance, device development and cloud computing also need more bandwidth, and greater agility, simplicity and service assurance. Skilled network design has never been more valuable.

Our expertise covers every aspect of infrastructure design. Our staff have many years of practical experience in realising state-of-the-art designs and they are actively involved in developing the next generation of international standards.

Smarter buildings, smarter technology

Our ICT team is playing an increasingly important role on major multidisciplinary projects. We coordinate the demands of different network users, turning these into a cohesive set of space, power and heatload requirements, and cabling and network specifications, providing a common framework for IT infrastructure.

We use our skills and experience across the whole built environment to take us further, leveraging technology to create truly smart solutions. We can harness data and system interconnectivity to create smart buildings that optimise your building’s performance, improve energy efficiency, and maximise comfort for occupants. To us, ‘smart’ means making buildings work in a way that’s simpler and better for all its users. Our people deploy their expertise in integrating software systems to create environments that enhance productivity.

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