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Lighting design

Creative brilliance and expert advice from our specialist lighting designers

Creative brilliance and expert advice from our specialist lighting designers

Arup is a leading lighting design and advisory practice, and the creative team behind the illumination of many of the world’s most beautiful and beloved buildings. We are artists and designers, engineers and consultants, your creative partners on projects of every kind and scale.

We take a 24-hour approach to designing with light, producing beautiful and sustainable designs at any scale or in any context. How we experience and interact with light is central to our creative process. Whether it working on an interior space or exterior, our lighting designers and advisors integrate both daylight and architectural lighting in harmony.   


Daylight design

Harnessing daylight within a design realises the architecture’s beauty and makes it seem intuitive and welcoming to people. Arup is an acknowledged expert at integrating daylight throughout the design process, from early concept development through detailed design when complex modelling is frequently employed. It’s a subtle, demanding art. 

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Architectural lighting

Within architecture, lighting directs, sculpts, enriches, and provides people with a comfortable, safe and inspiring environment. Our approach starts from a deeply human centric perspective combined with strong conceptual thinking, leading to lighting design that supports wellbeing in healthcare environments, sophisticated and inspiring spaces for hospitality and retail, or sustainable and nurturing experiences for workplaces and education clients. 


Night lighting

How do you light life after dark? Urban light reflects on a location’s identity – and somehow it needs to feel safe for older people yet alive to the young. Too often the need to provide illumination inside and outside a building leads to brash, over-lit, designs that take little account of their setting.  

As consultants and designers, we take a considered and balanced approach to the city or rural landscape at night. We believe in engaging with the community and its needs before designing a truly effective and sustainable solution.  

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Lighting advisory services

Lighting’s role in the urban environment must be carefully managed, from city scale planning for daylight as well as night time lighting, always retaining a person-centred perspective. We advise clients with global strategy, design and technical matters, as well as planning, expert witness and legal matters. We are guided by a 24-hour approach. During the daytime, undertaking daylight planning and massing impact guidance and analysis can help to shape the scale and the densification, as well as residents’ right-to-light.  

How we work with you

From initial strategic advice and concept development all the way through to construction documents and on-site support, we offer unparalleled creativity backed by the technical excellence and experience for which we are renowned. Our team are experts in daylight design, light and wellbeing, fixture design, brand identity and lighting engineering. 

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Digital brilliance

Every day, digital tools sharpen our lighting design practices, enabling us to offer new levels of insight to clients. They enable us to map lighting effects at the city level, using sensors and machine learning. For Delta Airlines we created a tool to analyse lighting use in order to optimise occupancy across its many terminals, a great example of how lighting impacts occupant comfort and can drive improved business performance.  

Our Luminaire Broker web service offers a supplier network service that matches lighting projects to the most relevant manufacturers and services, helping clients to take advantage of the best materials, craft and technology to realise their designs. 

Sustainable lighting

Lighting is a major factor in operational energy in sustainable and regenerative development. We are driving down energy use through highly sustainable lighting design and lead the way on circular processes. For Columbia University’s Manhattanville campus we’re developing a 20 year lighting plan, embedding sustainable choices that will endure throughout the vital transition to net zero emissions. 

We’re also pioneering new approaches like circular design principles, to increase the design-for-reuse and recycling in large scale lighting projects. And we’re assisting our clients in adopting circular design, providing flexible specifications that let them source the lowest energy, most recyclable solutions across a building or asset’s entire lifecycle.  

A healthy experience

In an increasingly 24-hour world, with lifestyles and work behaviours changing, lighting plays a key role in human wellbeing. That’s why interior and exterior lighting are increasingly being designed with human circadian rhythms in mind. Our own circadian lighting recommendations are based on internal research as well external guides like the WELL Building Standard. Together these enable us to design lighting systems that are both beautiful and healthy, setting realistic expectations while complying with stringent energy codes. We have even consulted on healthy lighting systems for a potential human colony on Mars. 

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With the potential to change how we perceive architecture and public space, our lighting teams across the globe are experts in designing with smart envelopes, LED lighting equipment and media façades. Our current project base highlights a number of world-class examples of the application of Arup’s trademark innovation.

Arts and cultural venues

Arts and cultural venues

Many of our clients employ light as an artistic component in their architecture. Lighting is an art, and in different ways ourdesigners are all sculptors, painters, engineers and authors too. This fusion of skill and approach is how we produce incredible lighting experiences for the art-going public, whether it’s the world’s best loved museums, galleries or theatres.

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Aviation and transport

Aviation and transport infrastructure

Travel hubs are some of the most demanding and busy environments, in which lightingplays a central role in how easy and enjoyable they are to navigate and use. They’re often a signature introduction to a country or city. We are experts in developing lighting schemes that harmonise with the architectural design, local lighting conditions, and human factors.

Hospitality and entertainment

Hospitality and entertainment

Hospitality and entertainment buildings from hotels to restaurants and malls increasingly compete on the sophistication of the experience they offer, and lighting is central in projecting and reinforcingour clients’ brands. We understand how to translate brand identity into beautiful, pragmatic lighting designs that delight customers, visitors and clients.


Urban realm

Urban realm

Parks and urban green spaces are increasingly central to balanced and enjoyable city lives. We craft thoughtful and contextual designs that provide vital and inspiring illumination without overwhelming the natural elements within the environment.

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Commercial property

Commercial property

Corporate and mixed-use schemes, lighting often has to perform many roles,working in effective combinations. We are often commissioned to develop a signature visual of the lighting experience, or finding ways to push down energy requirements and increase the lighting’s long-term sustainability.

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A worldwide team

Our over 120 member strong team offer design and supporting consultancy, ensuring creativity is in the service of workable and sustainable solutions that will delight clients and communities alike.