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Product design

Design creativity and technical expertise, creating products for people and places.

Design creativity and technical expertise, creating products for people and places.

In our rapidly changing world, people seek products that work beautifully, are attractive and reduce our impact on the planet.  We engage with clients to explore their vision and draw on our multi-disciplinary team of design, engineering, materials and sustainability expertise to shape and develop products for now and the future.

Our design process and collaboration with forward thinking product manufacturers and organisations transforms local and global insight into market leading and award-winning products.

Product systems

The Traceline linear lighting system evolved from our collaboration with Reggiani. Created by our team of product and lighting designers we conducted research, concept development and detailed engineering leading to a super comprehensive, efficient and adaptable miniature LED lighting system.

Project specific solutions include the Bentley Hero Light, perfectly illuminating and showcasing Bentley's hero car, creating an unforgettable experience for customers.

The Hero Light incorporates light scene setting modes. The Hero Light incorporates light scene setting modes.
The Bentley Hero Light perfectly illuminates and showcases, creating an unforgettable experience for customers.

The journey to net zero

Our combined materials knowledge and impact assessment tools help clients reduce the carbon footprint of products. Explore some of our work:



Arup worked with Italian biodesign firm Mogu to develop Foresta, a bio-degradable mycelium-based acoustic panel system. 

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The Artus low energy ventilation unit was developed through our Ventures initiative. The result of new thinking on how air-conditioning can be improved, Artus saves energy, materials and ceiling space.

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Designed for naturally ventilated buildings, SoundScoop is a zero-energy solution that allows the unrestricted transfer of air between rooms, whilst absorbing sound. This maintains privacy and a comfortable temperature in buildings.

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Technik Floor

Technik Floor

Installed in a range of buildings including Heathrow Terminals 5C and More London, the Technik Floor system, developed by Arup’s materials and product designers with partners Grants and Lindner, substantially reduced the drying time, weight and embodied carbon associated with traditional screed flooring installations.

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Experience enhancing

Our designers, psychologists and human factors specialists place people and their experience at the heart of projects. 


Our work with RSSB created the first train seat comfort assessment tool to help train operators rate the comfort of seats as part of a growing industry focus on enhancing the passenger experience of rail journeys.

Together with our acoustics and structures specialists, we created Memory & Light for London’s V&A Museum and the Be Open Sound Portal sound pavilion for the London Design Festival. The travelling pavilion provided visitors with an unforgettable multi-sensory experience in Trafalgar Square, illustrating how immersive sound can be used to experience space. 

The Be Open sound portal is an extraordinary piece of design and creativity from Arup” ” Sir John Sorrell Chair and Founder of London Design Festival

Wide reaching

Our projects encompass smart products where physical and digital worlds merge, products for buildings and interior environments, modes of transport and products for the urban realm.