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Specialist technology, analytics and research

Arup challenges traditional thinking to create exceptional value for clients.

Arup challenges traditional thinking to create exceptional value for clients.

We bring together specialists of the highest technical calibre, including leading experts in their fields, to develop inventive, practical and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Working with wide-ranging clients – in the building design, infrastructure, automotive, rail and energy sectors – we push ourselves to find better solutions through insight, innovation and integration.

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Research and advanced analysis are central to our work – we bring to bear the sharpest insight to address intractable problems.

Arup’s research, knowledge and skills management specialists draw on close relationships with leading international research establishments to stimulate outcome-focused projects.

Our numerical simulation and optimisation capability is pre-eminent in analysis-led design. We apply it to improve performance and economy not only in blast, impact, vibration and seismic design but also in more conventional design for construction of all types, including refurbishment of existing buildings such as St Pancras International Station.

In catastrophic risk management, our analytical and engineering skills bring greater accuracy to prediction of risk exposure, resulting in insurance savings or improved mitigation for clients such as the Cabot Corporation.


Arup identifies opportunities for new design approaches, products and ventures by challenging traditional thinking.

Our specialist structural engineering experts are pushing forward international design practice. In design for dynamic and environmental loads, our leading wind, vibration and seismic expertise produce advancements that reduce cost and improve performance, including inventive damping systems (St Francis Shangri-La Place).

We bring together multidisciplinary teams to design structural and mechanical systems, from moving stadium roofs to telescope enclosures (European Extremely Large Telescope enclosure), observation wheels (Las Vegas High Roller) and specialist railway equipment. We are world-leaders in the safe design of nuclear material transport packages.

We have applied our pioneering future transportation and vehicle design skills to develop more efficient and robust vehicles such as the SuperLIGHT-CAR, and the use of low-carbon technologies including electric vehicle and infrastructure systems.

Our software products enable advanced simulation and visualisation. These include the market-leading Oasys LS-DYNA Environment Software, widely used in automotive, blast, impact, seismic and geotechnical applications.

Watch: a short film exploring the role of electric vehicle technology in the move towards low carbon transport.
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By sharing ideas across disciplines, we devise alternative approaches and holistic solutions. We bring together specialists in environmental physics, such as building physicists and fluid dynamists, to design more comfortable, sustainable and resilient buildings. Alongside, our building performance and systems teams design and commission advanced building control systems to optimise energy efficiency and occupant satisfaction.