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Technology operations and project management

We help you harness technology to deliver performance improvement across projects, businesses and operations.

We help you harness technology to deliver performance improvement across projects, businesses and operations.

Arup is at the heart of many of the world’s most prominent businesses and operations. We work to support our clients by reducing the risks associated with deploying technology solutions in complex operational environments. This reduces costs, increases revenue and improves customer experience.

Planning technology for successful operational outcomes

We help you adapt and respond to today’s challenging competitive landscape by ensuring that all your technology projects and operations are led by effective digital strategies. Our consultancy advice around technology concept of operations helps develop operational plans that increase flexibility and responsiveness, providing the highest standards of service and quality. All of this enables you to realise long-term, sustainable improvements in your business performance and bottom-line results.

We also provide secondments and interims from our highly skilled teams to help clients and their organisations design, development and implement strategies. Our digital consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, so we can create an ideal fit with any organisation and operation.

Digital design, management and assurance

Effective technology portfolio, programme and project management enables clients to see how technology assets are performing, and ensure they’re aligned to business strategies. We can help you maximise the value of your assets, reduce any potential exposure to risk and ensure your technology project is delivered on time and within budget.

Our IT technology operations advice provides you with strategic guidance and hands-on support on all aspects of your information systems. We help you understand how IT can support your operations, business and customer service processes to maximise your profitability. We can design large or small scale information systems, advise you on IT procurement and implement, and evaluate existing IT systems.

Operational performance improvement

Our technology change management consultants help organisations use technology to guarantee the success of their change initiatives. We adopt a systematic approach to ascertain that quality expectations are met, potential delays are well understood, and that all costs have been taken into account.

Process optimisation advisory services improve the links between people, processes and technology. This ensures that all three are working together to enhance performance and deliver continuous improvement.

We can help you to improve your business processes and your service levels across the value chain, identify ways to reduce your costs and improve critical decision-making through the deployment of complex technology solutions.

Enhancing operational efficiency

A thorough understanding of your business’ objectives and stakeholders’ requirements is key to technology-led operational performance improvement. Our advisory services ensure that your technology will help you cope with changing market conditions and achieve sustained performance improvement.

Our expertise in command, control, collaboration and coordination in complex environments enables us to enhance your operations to reduce costs, manage risk and deliver business improvement through technology.

The key to our approach lies in establishing the perfect balance between people, technology and processes. We think that’s the best way to generate innovation and commercial success.