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Model your people’s movement, understand the risks, reshape your workplace safely.

Model your people’s movement, understand the risks, reshape your workplace safely.

As organisations attempt to resume normal working practices following the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is of paramount concern. Employers and employees alike will have many questions like: is our office safe to work in? How far apart should the desks be? How will people move around if lift capacity is constrained? What’s the optimum number of people in our existing space?

Knowing which mix of safety interventions and layout changes will be effective against further Coronavirus outbreaks is the first, most difficult task. Arup's Space Explorer brings together intelligent modelling and simulation of people’s movements, with new data about how the disease travels and disperses in covered spaces. Working from your location’s precise shape and layout and head count, Space Explorer can help you produce a plan for safe operations.

The service will help identify design interventions or temporary layout changes that will produce the safest outcomes for your people.
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Ready for today and tomorrow

Adapting to Coronavirus will be a continuous process for some time to come. In some places 2m physical distancing is being reduced to 1.5 or 1m. Many businesses and organisations are returning in limited numbers today, planning to ramp up tomorrow. But this poses new questions – how do you expand occupancy safely? How many people is a safe number? How close can they work? Space Explorer can help you plot these likely effects of workplace changes, to identify the optimal occupancy level as the local guidance changes.

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Space Explorer combines the power of our MassMotion software with data and spatial analysis tools, to help employers optimise their workplaces in the emerging post-pandemic phase.

Space Explorer combines the power of our MassMotion software with data and spatial analysis tools that reveal the virus risks. The service can be used to reshape offices, laboratories, retail spaces or any other venue where people congregate. Our data team will execute a risk-based approach to visualise and document the safest options. This is a cost-effective, digital approach to workplace safety for the post-Covid world.

Workplace safety obviously has many other elements and the implications of the virus outbreak continue to develop the more the scientists learn. For now, Space Explorer can help you to explore what’s possible, safe, optimal and practical, rebuilding confidence in your team and productivity in your organisation.

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