Our work encompasses stations of all scales and types, from metros to high speed rail, and from suburban stations to the most complex and busiest urban interchanges.

For us, station design always starts with the passenger and user experience. Getting it right means thinking about these two critical elements and combining it with the local city, transport and economic planning levers to optimise station design to fulfil its potential. Investing in public transport infrastructure also means making a commitment to being great value for money – as such station architecture should blend function with elegance in a cost-effective manner. Our kit-of-parts design approach ensures maintenance and replacements remain affordable over the rail system's full lifespan. 

We also understand the entire context and process for realising the development potential created by stations. This begins with masterplanning and business cases and progresses through design to delivery of developments around and above those stations, as well as optimising operations, commerce, and design in existing and new transport hubs.