We remove harmful pollutants such as nitrates, ammonia and phosphates. Our work supports various needs such as drinking water supply, irrigation for agriculture, industrial use and maintaining ecosystem functions.

Conscious that the industry needs to move at both pace and scale, we are adept at improving existing water treatment systems or designing new on-site solutions, even where connection to existing drainage systems is not an option. We scale wastewater capacity, increase efficiency and can reduce operational costs.

We are experienced in providing sustainable, nature-based solutions, such as reed beds, that reliably remove pollutants while contributing toward net zero and improving ecological systems. This minimises the environmental impacts of poor water quality.

Our services cover the full spectrum of wastewater treatment, including physical water, biological water, chemical, sludge treatment and wastewater recycling. We work at all stages of projects, from site development, design and planning to project implementation and upgrading.