Our water resources management expertise spans a series of connected services:

Water security planning and management

We offer integrated ‘total value’ plans and solutions that identify wider options to provide social and environmental benefits as part of the principal water security objectives. This includes nature-based solutions and decarbonisation proposals as part of the supply-demand assessment and adaptive planning process.

Digital applications and decision support

Systems modelling and decision support that are customised to specific client needs with a focus on integrated water planning, risk assessment and decision making under deep uncertainty.

Foresight and scenario planning

For clients keen to embrace a longer perspective in their business planning, we work with our in-house Foresight team to identify the key trends that will shape water security in a region or market. This work explores various relevant socio-economic scenarios and technological advances to inform client planning and organisational thinking.

Strengthening resilience

With global temperatures rising, we help cities, regions and communities to strengthen their resilience to droughts and other long-term water threats.