Our expertise spans all types of water treatment processes, including water recycling, desalination and chemical treatment. We work to upgrade existing facilities, replacing outdated, harmful and non-environmentally friendly practices with innovative, future proof solutions. 

We design new water treatment solutions or upgrade and retrofit existing infrastructure, removing the use of harmful chemicals where necessary and replacing inefficient processes. Our client base spans governments, industry leaders, suppliers and local communities and we work collaboratively to develop water treatment solutions that are resilient and sustainable.


We are industry leaders in water transfer pipelines, designing new infrastructure, linking new and existing pipelines and planning water networks to enable water resilience at a local, regional or national level.

Arup’s water team design water transfer solutions of all scales, lengths and flowrates. We work with governments, businesses and suppliers to supply water for agriculture, urban environments and industry. Our capabilities cover all elements of water supply, from detailed design and infrastructure, such a pipelines and transfer pumps, to strategy and advisory services that change supply and demand patterns to alleviate shortages.


We use our knowledge of water resources and water security planning to ensure that our supply solutions are sustainable in the long term and do not contribute to water scarcity or water stress. To achieve this, our delivery teams comprise design engineers, water resources specialists, environmental specialists and catchment scientists, as well as socio-economics experts.

Human needs – we focus on ensuring that the people we serve have the water they need in the right quantity and quality. We also ensure that we understand behavioural needs that drive water demand. We apply the same approaches when delivering WASH projects in developing contexts.

Environmental needs – we recognise and understand that our water supply services are often reliant on water sources that support animal and plant biodiversity, including sensitive sources such as chalk streams. We utilise specialist skills, including hydrogeology, hydrology, geomorphology and catchment science to ensure that we care for the natural environment in all we do. Finding the right balance – we use our ‘total value’ approach to ensure that we find the right balance between human and environmental needs, as well as ensuring wider benefits for the communities that we design for.