In reality, we will need to retain and retrofit many existing commercial buildings, to extend their lifespans in low emission ways. Today, it’s increasingly commercially and technically viable to transform and reuse existing buildings.

Retrofit projects often require more detailed engineering or specialist input than new-build at early stages to interrogate constraints and identify opportunities. Arup architects work with colleagues across a wide range of building services to develop retrofits that renew an asset and avoid wasteful demolition and rebuild. 

Adaptive reuse

Finding new purposes for old buildings is one of the most sustainable approaches. The careful repair and creative adaption of protected buildings celebrates their distinctive historical and cultural features that makes them special. We carefully consider each development phase to sympathetically adapt existing structures whilst enhancing performance and functionality.

Expansive reuse

Another approach is to upgrade and add new space to existing buildings in creative ways, to maximise their value. Creating new basements or adding storeys to an existing building can deliver transformative outcomes.

Proactive reuse

When buildings require repairs, upgrades can unlock new possibilities. We help clients to upgrade buildings systems, incorporate new technologies, as well as repair or replace areas that are in poor condition.