Shaping the connected world

We realise our clients' ambitions, combining advanced technology and brilliant thinking to redefine the possible across the built environment.

At the forefront of change

Our digital leadership is founded on more than 70 years of harnessing new technologies to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. From advancing early computer design to redefining our relationship with spaces, we push boundaries to improve lives. By uniting design, engineering and technology under a single philosophy we call ‘Total Design’, we transform and shape the connected world.


Hong Kong Airport, Midfield Concourse

We pushed the limits of sustainable airport design by creating a prototype of the five-level concourse in 3D before construction began. Using Building Information Management (BIM) technology gave stakeholders a single view of every detail of the project. The consistency and certainty this provided allowed us to successfully deploy 35 advanced green technologies to create a seamless passenger experience.



SmartGrid Smart City, Australia

The Australian government urgently needed a long-term power strategy to avoid an impending energy crisis – so it turned to Arup for a cost-effective, sustainable solution. By using smart-grid technology, we estimated that Australia could reduce consumption, improve network reliability, and deliver over AU$28bn in economic benefits over a period of 20 years.


Queensferry Crossing, UK

The Queensferry Crossing is a bridge with the ability to identify problems before they happen. Its 2,000 sensors monitor the impact of weather and motion on the crossing in real-time to support efficient maintenance and pre-emptive interventions. The result is a safer, more cost effective bridge serving 24 million vehicles every year.


Green Pix Zero Energy Media Wall, China

The Media Wall on the Xicui Entertainment Centre in Beijing illustrates how a building façade can be transformed into an energy efficient, public work of art. We integrated the world’s largest LED with China’s first solar powered battery system to create an engaging focal point that captures twice as much solar energy as it consumes.


High Speed 2, UK

We created an immersive experience in virtual reality and augmented reality to bring the HS2 rail line to life for communities and stakeholders. Accurate photo-realistic representations enabled people to experience how the line will look and feel in ‘real-life’ to improve understanding and expedite decision-making.


Digital Tide, UK

Arup identified the 40 technologies most likely to impact the water industry, helping clients prepare for digital disruption. Our insights will continue to inform process improvements and strategic planning to help the industry shape a more resilient future for the world’s water systems.

Shaping the connected world

As digital leaders, we partner with our clients to transform how people engage with the built environment through technology. From masterplanning cities, to creating a renewable future, we bring seemingly impossible ideas to life.

Business transformation

Business transformation

Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of the built environment. We help clients adapt to, and take advantage of this new, connected world." Will Cavendish Global Digital Services Leader

Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Today and in the future, every strategy will be digital. Our clients are redefining what’s possible, using the latest new technologies in the built environment." Léan Doody Europe Digital Property and Smart Cities Leader

Human-centred design

Human-centred design

Buildings are designed to last decades, yet digital interactions are designed to take moments. We create environments that integrate the physical and the digital to enhance people’s experiences of place." Rachel Abrams Americas Design Strategy Leader

Analytics and insights

Analytics and insights

Extracting insights from data will become commonplace. But using our very human creativity and experience to apply these to new unmet client needs using transformative digital business models will remain most uncommon – but typically Arup." Greg Stone Global Head of Corporate Development

Advanced digital technologies

Advanced technologies

Whether it’s blockchain, machine learning or augmented reality, emerging technologies are challenging nearly everything we do. We translate these tools into compelling user experiences across the built environment." Jacky Chan East Asia Digital Services Leader


Our experts consider how advanced technologies will continue to transform the way we live and work. 

Arup made its name in the twentieth century as the designer and engineer behind some of the world’s most ambitions structures. That creative strength and independence of mind continues to guide us as digital leaders in today’s built environment. 

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