Growing a global green economy; Growing a global green economy;

Sustainable Forces S2 E2: how do you grow a green economy?

How do you grow a green economy?

The global green economy is a USD$10.3T opportunity. But what is a green economy and how do you grow one? In this podcast episode, Dr Michelle Dickinson is joined by David Miller, Managing Director at C40 Cities and Brice Richard our Australasia Strategy and Insights Leader. Together, they explain what a green economy is and how we can capture the opportunity.

There are building blocks to green economies happening in lots of places in the world, and if we can build successfully on what’s happening somewhere and make it happen in more places, I would argue that you really can build a green economy. ” David Miller David Miller Managing Director, C40 Cities

There are a lot of definitions about the green economy, but they all seem to agree about creating a virtuous relationship between economic prosperity on one hand and environmental and social wellbeing. ” Brice Richard Brice Richard Associate Principal | Strategy and Insights – Australasia Leader