Tristram Carfrae RDI

Tristram Carfrae RDI


Your best solution to date?

Water Cube – National Aquatic Centre, Beijing, China.

Why is it significant?

It was generated as much by engineering intent as for its outstanding beauty. It heats itself, lights itself, sounds fantastic and looks brilliant. The structure is based on the optimal way of subdividing space and, when clad with ETFE pillows, we get, quite literally, a box of bubbles.

Your particular skill?

Integrating design teams and stimulating them to produce better solutions.


Conceiving structural systems that are highly efficient and unusual.

Why Arup?

My mother, an architect, told me that Arup cared about architecture.

Honours and awards

Royal Designer for Industry (RDI), Milne Medal Holder, one of 100 most influential engineers in Australia, Australian Professional Engineer of the Year 2001.