We are committed to creating an inclusive working environment based on fairness and respect. One that encourages talented people of any background to produce their best work of the highest quality. As a humane organisation, we embrace the skills, abilities, and knowledge, that only a diverse and inclusive workforce can provide, to create solutions, and give advice, that improves a society as a whole. 

  • Treat everyone fairly, with dignity and respect; as we would wish to be treated. 
  • Maintain fair and honourable dealings with our people, where recognition, reward and opportunity reflect the ability, experience, and aspiration of the individual. 
  • Create an environment that brings the best skills to our work, in which we value individual differences and recognise the contributions of all our people. 
  • Prohibit discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender identity or expression, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race/ethnicity, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, or employment status.  
We will: 
  • Recruit talented people from a wide range of backgrounds with differing beliefs and personal characteristics. 
  • Enable full and effective participation and equal opportunities for everyone. 
  • Invest in the education and development of our people and provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential. 
  • Increase our people’s awareness and understanding of equality, diversity, and inclusion, including its importance. 
  • Provide equitable pay based on roles, responsibilities, and performance. 
  • Identify and address inappropriate behaviour or discrimination. 
  • Measure how we are performing; report regularly and act to address any barriers. 

This policy is set by the Group Board and implemented across all Arup operations through rules, procedures and guidance. It is reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently if appropriate. 

The Global Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Director acts for Arup in ensuring that plans are developed and implemented to enable us to reach the aims set out in this policy while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements. 


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy