Our commitment to ethical conduct and business integrity stems from our values. A core aim of our firm is ‘straight and honourable dealings’ which we will seek to uphold through our behaviour and decisions in all our business dealings. 

  • Our business dealings will be straight and honourable and enable members to act with integrity. 
  • Raise awareness of the ethical standards we expect and require of our members, clients, collaborators, and supply chain. Seek out and implement best practice. 
We will: 
  • Treat our members, clients, collaborators, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate with honesty and fairness. 
  • Maintain a Business Integrity Code of Practice and make it accessible to all our members, clients, collaborators, and suppliers. 
  • Provide our members with guidance and training on ethical matters. 
  • Maintain and comply with procedures to see that no unethical conduct or illegal practices are engaged in when conducting our business dealings. 
  • Provide mechanisms for ethical concerns to be raised and respond in accordance with our procedures. 
  • Engage and participate in appropriate industry initiatives to promote business integrity. Keep our relevant procedures under review to confirm that they remain relevant and proportionate. 
  • Adopt an Information Security Policy which sets out our aims and ambitions with the respect to data confidentiality and privacy. 

This policy is set by the Group Board and implemented across all Arup operations through rules, procedures, training and guidance. It is reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently if appropriate.

The Group Board acts to ensure that the aims set out in this policy are being achieved, while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements. 


Ethical Conduct Policy