We are a trust-owned firm without external investors. This independence allows us to focus our attention on our clients, and to offer the full breadth of our technical expertise wholeheartedly. We are recognised for our commitment to solving the most complex challenges facing our clients, and the world. Pursuing excellence and creating the technical solutions that will shape the future, are what drives us on.  

The Arup Group Board represents our global leadership team. As our most senior executive, it is led by Jerome Frost, our global chair. Members of our global board have termed appointments, as do the members of our five region executives. 

Overseeing our global executive are the Arup Trustees, who lead the trust that owns Arup Group and its entities.



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Non-executive board members


Trust ownership

Since 1979 Arup has been owned by Trusts of which current and former employees of Arup Group companies are beneficiaries. The directors of the Trustee companies are collectively referred to as the Trustees. Arup’s Trustees are drawn from across the firm, tasked with the primary role of appointing a management team to ensure the firm’s long-term viability and preserve our unique culture. They uphold the constitutional arrangements that maintain Arup’s independence by overseeing the companies administering our owning trusts and safeguard Arup’s integrity on behalf of our members and the beneficiaries of the Arup Trusts.

Trust ownership affords us total independence and the ability to take a long-term view, without external pressures from shareholders or the risk of change in ownership. This provides our clients with confidence in our ability to prioritise their interests, and we have the freedom to shape our own direction and invest in the things we feel matter most: our members, our knowledge, our resources, and our communities.

Our current trustees are:
Mahadev Raman – Chair of Trustees
Peter Bailey 
Peter Chamley 
Tülay Hatırnaz
Trent Lethco
Alexis Lee 
Veng-Wye Tong
Catherine Wenger

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