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Career development as an Arup graduate

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At Arup, we take your career and personal development seriously. From your first day, we’ll provide you with opportunities to expand your knowledge, test your skills and work with amazing people.

Your first few weeks

We pride ourselves on our unique culture and the values that our founder, Ove Arup, articulated in his Key Speech. These values continue to shape us to this day.

No matter where you begin your journey with Arup, you’ll find that your local region runs induction events to both help you understand this culture and its importance to our future, as well as give you opportunities to meet and network with your fellow graduates.

You'll also find there's a wide range of social activities taking place in may of our offices that give you the chance to get to know your new colleagues and perhaps pickup a new hobby!

Access to structured learning

As a firm, we believe that your development is shaped by a combination of factors including training, learning from colleagues and through your work. Right from day one you’ll be handed challenging and important tasks.

As a graduate, you’ll have access to lots of learning opportunities – many provided by our in-house training team, known as Arup University. This will include formal training workshops, lunch and learn sessions and online learning.

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Design School

Arup University also runs our annual ‘Design School’ programme. This scheme brings together graduates from across the world and a range of disciplines to help challenge and strengthen design skills. Every year, wound 500 people take part in sessions that are designed to inspire our people to work in new and inventive ways.

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Learning from your colleagues

Development is not just about attending training. At Arup, you’ll have access to a global expertise network that contains some of the most talented people in their respective fields. Our Skills Network contains experts who share best practices with each other based on specific industries and technologies.

Broadening your horizons

You may start your career in London or Hong Kong, but where you start doesn’t have to be the end. At Arup, you’ll be supported if you want to explore opportunities in different countries and our staff regularly move around the globe. This could be for a short period, the length of a contract or longer if its something you’re interested in.

Hear from our graduates

Megha Manoj

As a graduate, I am given the opportunity to be involved from the very beginning... I am given space to put forward my ideas and contribute towards the project.

Mert Erkol

With all the potential Arup has, I believe that there is a bright future in Arup for all junior engineers such as myself.

Pookie Mitchell

I feel extremely lucky to say that all my projects so far have been enjoyable. Some were technically challenging while others required more outside-the-box thinking and creativity.

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