When you join our extraordinary collective at Arup, you immediately become part of Arup’s global community of specialists, working on some of the most important projects in the world. 

In Europe we employ more than 1,500 staff in 8 countries. Each year we welcome top graduates to our teams in Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

I joined a very dynamic, diverse team, where I can develop my skills and learn from people with various experience at all levels.

Arup graduate

Developing you from day one

We are uniquely committed to developing our graduates through formal and informal training, mentoring and hands-on experience.

Throughout your time as a graduate, you will be provided with structured training via Arup University and local training schemes where necessary. You’ll also receive continual guidance from experienced supervisors and tutors throughout your time as a graduate.

We hire people across a wide range of specialisms – from accounting and finance, through civil and structural engineering, to IT and communications specialists. Some of the things we look for in people include:

  • An appropriate qualification for the position and country you are applying for

  • Proven skills in effective communication

  • An ability to speak one or more languages relevant Arup's business areas

  • An interest in working in other Arup locations

  • A genuine passion for the arts, culture and design

Starting your application

Our recruitment process is both comprehensive and confidential, designed to make sure we’re a good fit and that you’ll get the most from the program you’re applying for.

Each country in which we recruit his slight variations in its recruitment process, and you’ll find full details with each role. The below provides you with an overview of our process:

Application process

Applying for a graduate role

  1. 1

    Online application

    All candidates must apply online and complete a job specific application. Applications are welcome to appply to more than one role if desired.

  2. 2

    Application review

    All applications that meet the minimum qualifications outlined on the job posting are reviewed and assessed to determine a shortlist of the best candidates for further consideration.

  3. 3


    Although processes differ slightly from country to country, all candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted for an interview.

  4. 4


    Candidates who successful pass the interview stage will receive a verbal offer, followed by written confirmation of their employment terms.

Graduate in Europe region

Data protection

The above process, as well as our Recruitment Platform (Taleo), ensures we are retaining candidate records in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and that Candidate CVs are fully secure.

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