In our rapidly evolving urban landscapes, transport is more than just a means of movement; it’s a bridge to opportunities, a catalyst for economic growth, and a cornerstone for building inclusive communities.

During the 2021 Census, Adelaide and Perth existed in stable, near Covid-normal conditions, providing the opportunity to delve into the likely long-term future of working from home through select analysis and case studies.

In this report we provide four recommendations for public transport in a hybrid working world:

  1. Align vision and objectives early
  2. Value what matters
  3. Act early in growth areas
  4. Provide decentralised access to cover more areas

We’ve always championed the cause of connected and accessible cities, recognising that the true measure of a city’s greatness lies not just in its infrastructure, but in its ability to offer equitable access to all its residents. 

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Equitable public transport in a hybrid working world