Transport plays a critical role in every city, acting as both an economic backbone and social connector, allowing residents of cities to live prosperous, happy and healthy lives. Post-pandemic, public transport networks are finding themselves in a period of  major transition.

Transport is also a major contributor to both air pollution and carbon emissions, often accounting for between a third and half of a city’s carbon emissions. When transport works well a journey becomes a seamless experience, highly integrated, reliable and efficient for all, creating a valuable shared network for all inhabitants and visitors. However, without careful planning transport networks can become congested, unreliable, polluted and in some cases unsafe and inaccessible to particular communities.

Our global team of transport planners, modellers, analysts, economists and designers works with organisations across national and city governments, transport operators and agencies, and landowners and developers to help plan the future of transport.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

How we tackle this issue: