In cities, public transport systems can both set an example for zero emission travel by switching to renewable energy, while seamless integration of modes can tempt the population away from private cars. Arup is helping many cities to make this vital transition. 

Achieving net zero transport is always shaped by local factors. Globally, many cities are still struggling with reliance on cars and scooters, and bus networks are the most affordable and scalable option for public transit. Fortunately the shift to zero emission buses is becoming more affordable, a transition Arup is helping different cities to make.

Learn more about the transition to zero emission bus fleets: Charge4Fleets.

In many cities, the post-pandemic period has seen a major increase in cycling, with related investments in safe cycle networks, connecting city centres with the suburbs. For shorter, spontaneous trips, rental schemes are also popular – but they require careful planning of the supporting roadside infrastructure.