We understand every dimension of the performance environment. Our aim is always to realise the architect’s vision within the design and engineering, such that completed venue performs as well as the artists who will appear in them.

We bring a rigorous understanding of how the precise interplay of acoustics, materials, lighting, shape and space will produce spaces suitable for every kind of cultural encounter, from art to music, film-making to broadcast facilities.

Understanding the combination of design and engineering choices that will produce a positive visitor experience is central to successful cultural buildings. For venues, backstage and auditorium must work hand-in-glove to produce an effective environment for performers, crew and audience alike. Security, object conservation, lighting design are all central to museums and galleries. Arup’s range of specialist design disciplines play a big role in producing these experiences. Our world-class expertise in acoustics and theatre consulting is pivotal to venues the world over.

Our daylighting expertise has been refined over decades, protecting artworks from the harsh Texas sunlight at the Menil Collection to our recent work on Jumex Museum, Mexico. We also advise on the most appropriate MEP solution for a project. We found innovative ways to reduce energy use by 30% at the V&A Museum’s Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, which must carefully house many delicate, centuries old treasures.