Arup is a world class structural engineering practice with global reach and expertise developed from the firm’s founding, including on many of the world’s most iconic modern buildings and structures. We lead across contemporary key issues such as low-carbon design, existing building re-use and timber engineering. 

We share our knowledge and expertise globally so we can bring the best of Arup structural engineering to each of our projects. We work with in-house expertise in related disciplines, including Geotechnics and Fire Engineering, to achieve ground-breaking, innovative solutions. 

We aim to produce simplicity from complexity, de-risking structural engineering whether driven by site constraints, project scale or simply rising to the challenge of delivering a high-quality product to meet a project’s needs. We combine our structural engineering expertise, including our in-house specialists, with reliable delivery using advanced software and digital engineering as appropriate to enhance our engineering capabilities.  

Tackling climate change is already leading to innovation in new structural systems, materials and design approaches. We are leading thinking within the structural engineering profession and informing new regulation where current guidance is incomplete. We are focussed on understanding where shifts in structural engineering design will lead to genuinely better climate outcomes.

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