The Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management in the Netherlands will partner with Arup, Antea and KPMG Advisory for the provision of policy advisory and Engineering Services (BADI-3) over the next three years.

The framework agreement focuses on four crucial components, including the future of mobility and transport systems, sustainable living environment, water, soil and subsoil.

Over the next three years, our consortium will work to improve road safety, elaborate road pricing, transform stations into mobility hubs, and implement innovative tools to optimise mobility. This partnership will emphasise the importance of integrated area development, where support and careful transmission of data are crucial for success.

The consortium will support the development of new legislation for transport pipelines, energy transition, policy research on ultrafine dust and the transition to circular economy.

To contribute to a more sustainable society, we are going to research sustainable (ground) heat to support the Ministry in achieving its energy transition ambitions. 

"We are facing complex and urgent social challenges and to solve these we need an integrated approach. Through our collaboration with KPMG Advisory, Antea and Ministry of I&W, we are going to make that happen and work towards future-proofing the Netherlands", said Martin van Oosten, Associate at Arup in Netherlands.

With a focus on innovation, knowledge sharing and a joint commitment to sustainable future, Arup, Antea and KPMG Advisory are deploying their expertise as partners, advisers and connectors to support the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management in shaping an accessible, liveable and safe Netherlands.