Arup will provide asset management advice on the emblematic Øresund Bridge, one of the longest to carry both road and railway traffic, following an appointment by the Øresundsbro Konsortiet joint venture.

The 16-km-long bridge connects Copenhagen (Denmark) with Malmø (Sweden), further including a tunnel and an artificial island. Structures like the Øresund bridge, made from concrete and steel, offer longer service life, but daily wear and tear require strategies from bridge operators to prevent or reduce the deterioration of bridge elements like cables.

Assessing key transport infrastructure like bridges is a priority across Europe, as asset owners adopt strategies to extend the lifespan of critical connectivity assets. Arup’s technical assessment will help the team – a joint venture between the Swedish and Danish state companies Svedab and A/S Øresundsforbindelsen – to develop an asset management strategy and suggest measures to preserve the value of the bridge for the local community.

Using available inspection data, our bridge experts will assess Øresund bridge’s stay cable system for vibration, corrosion and general deterioration amongst others. Arup’s team will also explore different avenues to extend the service life of Øresund bridge, an iconic project that Arup helped design in 2000.

Our team of bridge experts will leverage the power of digital tools such as accelerometers, inspection robots and recognition software to propose a data-driven set of measures for reducing inspection and maintenance costs.

“The Øresund cable-stayed bridge is a signature project for Arup. We are pleased to be working with Øresundsbro Konsortiet once again on this iconic bridge”, said Jesper Jensen, Business Development Manager for Scandinavia.

Throughout the years, Arup has worked on a raft of large bridge engineering projects worldwide, including the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge in Ireland, Rijkswaterstaat bridge renovations in the Netherlands, Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, and Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement in the US.

What they say

Informing the management strategy for Øresund, Arup’s cable technical assessment and engineering advice supports our shared goal of ensuring the bridge’s longevity, to preserve the lifetime value of this link between continental Europe and the rest of the Nordics for commuters and other stakeholders. 

Pia Johnsson-Sederholm

Project Manager, Øresundsbro Konsortiet