Your best solution to date?
Assisting Waterfront Toronto in ensuring that its development program is on track to achieve its carbon neutrality goals by mid-century.

Why is it significant?
As major developments and cities continue to build and expand this needs to be done in a way that achieves global and national goals in preventing the worst implications of climate change. Waterfront Toronto has the ability to be a model for other major developers and cities in how to grow while drastically reducing carbon emissions.

Your particular skill?
Identifying and integrating the full suite of Arup’s skills and services into cities projects and ensuring that Arup maximises its value in solving challenging urban problems.

As a non-engineer, having the technical toolbox of Arup’s intellectual expertise and curiosity to help address city problems that I have been engaged in throughout my career continues to excite me every day. There isn’t a problem that I’ve encountered in the city space that Arup doesn’t have the skill set to solve.

Why Arup?
Our ongoing focus on cutting edge research and thought leadership makes this an exciting place to address the problems that are now coming down the pipeline as the world continues to urbanize. The fact that Arup’s mission is based on solving the great challenges of the built environment and not solely its bottom line is also compelling to me.