Carol Lemmens leads Arup’s Global Advisory Services and has been with the firm since 2015. In his current role, Carol helps senior leaders shape strategies, transactions, programmes and operations – helping clients to make transformative change, whatever their mission. 

With 30 years of experience in strategy, change and business development, Carol helps clients to make sustainable choices and future proof their organisations. Prior to Arup, he worked as a manager, a managing partner and CEO in numerous firms in transport, manufacturing and management consultancy. Since then, he has become a respected advisor and coach to senior leaders in a wide range of industries and sectors. 

Carol has always combined his professional client work with a keen interest in community engagement and he has a passion for finding ways the built environment can benefit from circular economy principles. He spearheads Arup’s work as the knowledge partner to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and has been instrumental in developing several joint research initiatives – including scoping a circular economy vision for China, the Circular Cities research as well as the Circular Economy Principles to Practice project.

Carol is a frequent speaker and regular contributor at global industry events such as the United Nations Summit, World Circular Economy Forum and World Built Environment Forum. He is interested in how policy makers, institutions and planners can work more closely together to design and build more resilient cities and businesses.