What is your best solution to date?

The Ground Transportation Centre and Airport Railway station at Hong Kong International Airport. Every time I use it I marvel at how the team managed to integrate ground transport so successfully; it's still the best in the world in my view. I’ve been involved in many great projects since, but I still think this one is particularly remarkable.

Why is it significant?

It's an exemplar for integration between rail and airport infrastructure and the road bridges are still among the most elegant of any airport in the world.

What's your particular skill?

Leading teams of very clever people and helping them to reach decisions that deliver great outcomes. Maintaining focus on delivery, while allowing creativity and inventiveness to flourish.

What makes you enthusiastic?

Working on Arup’s wonderful projects, with amazing colleagues and clients and my desire to deliver excellence for important public infrastructure.

Why Arup?

The great projects, the remarkable people and the ability to work in so many interesting places.

Anything else?

I feel fortunate whenever I see the great things that we do every day that make a positive difference to people’s lives.