I manage Arup’s ventures in the Americas and am on our Americas research committee, advising on investments and helping navigate risk. I also represent products on our regional digital executive. I am also an attorney specialising in Intellectual Property (IP) and digital law, having worked as counsel for emerging, high-growth technology companies.

These different roles share a common focus: helping Arup and our customers develop, own and bring to market new technologies that solve critical challenges in the built environment.

The ventures team has a clear innovation mandate: we explore concepts for new products, digital tools and businesses and strategic partnerships to bring these to market, faster. In just two years, I have helped our team partner with start-ups in markets as diverse as transport, water, modular buildings and sustainability to nanomaterials, AR/VR, music technology and digital twins. I also train colleagues in IP, privacy law, new business models and the legalities of venturing.

Valuable ideas need protection and, as the leader of our IP portfolio strategy, I work to secure patents on our most impactful ideas. I also work with our digital teams creating new ways for our clients to access our products and services, from software licensing to shared value arrangements.