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10-ideas-for-local-authorities-to-help-re-build-economies COVID-19

Ten ideas for local authorities to help rebuild economies after COVID-19

A major challenge for councils is to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their local economies, so that businesses can once again thrive and provide employment opportunities and vibrancy to local communities.

These ‘Ten Ideas’ are intended to provide some practical solutions that might be helpful to local government during these unprecedented times. They draw on our experience from what has worked well in other areas, such as in London after the 2011 riots, in Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake, and in New York following hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Our suggestions take into account that a substantial proportion of the national government’s support for businesses will have positive implications locally. We propose building on that platform to create locally-tailored solutions that will deliver more economic support, social benefits and resilience if they are tailored to the local context.

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