Such projects involve a comprehensive approach across a variety of specialist services, ensuring precision, reliability, and safety. This includes the meticulous management of factors such as precise temperature and humidity control, as well as advanced air quality management. Arup tailors our solutions to the unique needs of each facility, while adhering to industry standards and ensuring optimal performance.

Sensitive instruments need environments where vibration, electromagnetic fields, temperature, air currents and acoustics are actively controlled. Arup’s specialist experts in seismic design, vibration, process, and building services engineering seamlessly collaborate to enhance the overall functionality of critical environments. Our responsibilities extend to the integrated design of low vibration environments, incorporating structural and thermal systems, as well as site assessments to evaluate background vibration conditions. 

We integrate these unique functions within the Building Management Systems to enable centralised monitoring, providing real-time insights into the facility's performance. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyse fluid flow, we deliver science tool-specific solutions and advanced controls to elevate the efficiency and performance of critical environments to the highest standards.