Data runs through everything we do. Our work combines data best practise, analytical innovation and digital creativity with the multidisciplinary breadth of Arup. By enabling organisations to realise the value of their buildings’, assets’ and operational data, we are driving step change in performance across the built environment.

Similarly, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are powerful technologies that enhance our ability to design, and manage the increasingly complex systems we operate in. Whether it’s developing new apps or integrating AI into your business strategy, we can support you in realising the value of data. AI and ML are already at the heart of Arup’s work, from creating tools to design new low carbon energy networks, or using AI to better understand asset performance or drive more efficient ways of working, it is becoming increasingly critical to all our clients.  

How we can help you

Data strategy

In today’s evolving landscape, how organisations best use data and technologies like AI are becoming crucial success factors. Arup understands the intricacies of how data and AI can be translated into valuable outcomes.

We work with clients to define a vision, developing a clear understanding of what they want to achieve with data. Consensus is key to success. We co-design the data and AI vision with an organisation’s people, to ensure buy-in and support during delivery. Our aim is to deliver practical, scalable, value driven transformation plans. 

Gaining data maturity

Becoming a data driven organisation with established data foundations is crucial to success. We work in high technical, regulated and safety critical environments that introduce new complexities to realising value from data. Arup recognises this and combines data best practise with our world leading domain expertise to ensure clients are set up for success in the data and AI era.  

To realise value from data it must be visible. We work with organisations to understand what data they hold, how it can be used, and make it easy for you to access. 

For data to produce robust outcomes, quality is key. We work with clients to develop governance and assurance processes. These are the critical foundations to enabling the creation and sharing of authoritative data for robust decision making and reporting.

Data-driven insights

Data is only as valuable as the decisions it drives. At Arup, we believe in taking a human centred approach to enabling the organisations, teams, and individuals we work with to make better decisions driven by data. 

We operate in highly technical, regulated and safety critical environments, where human accountability and explain ability are crucial to ensuring trust in the data that drive decision making.  This is why we work with you to combine the multi-disciplinary depth of Arup with analytical techniques to develop innovative insights, products, and services that deliver robust outcomes regardless of maturity. 

Our services span the whole data product life cycle from requirements gathering, to deployed products. We believe in starting simple and building from there. For some problems, a stand-alone statistical analysis is all you need, whereas for others bespoke AI models are what it will take. We take a value driven approach, always ensuring the right solution to the right problem, avoiding overcomplication. 

We help clients to prototype innovative ideas, to rapidly test hypotheses and identify trends, deliver automation services that improve performance, or build deployed AI systems, ensuring investments in technology are correlated to real commercial value.

Data implementation and visualisation

We take a user centred design approach from the outset, ensuring the users and their needs are at the core of everything we deliver. We work with you across our whole journey together to ensure we build capability and empower organisations to adopt data-driven ways of working. From joint delivery to capability building programmes, we put people at the centre of what we do, recognising they are the driving factor of success.

We build digital tools from simple interfaces to web applications, and cloud platforms ensuring data and insights are accessible to users. We work locally, or across the major cloud platforms to create secure, reliable, and scalable tools.

Our aim is to build capability, and make data-driven decision making accessible, robust, and secure.