It relies on operational data and replicates processes so that possible real-world performance outcomes and issues can be predicted. 

Combining energy expertise with digital capabilities, we can help develop a digital twin that brings new levels of operational insight and control, and meets the wider commercial needs of your organization. 

There are many kinds of twins and many different ways to develop one.  When you work with our team, the development process has four distinct stages:

  1. Assessment and road-mapping: we find out what data a client can take advantage of, and how it might be combined – this supports a compelling business case. 
  2. Create the twin: we then develop a working model from an organisation’s data and underlying information infrastructure.
  3. Manage and maintain: once implemented within an organisation, we continue to refine and expand the twin’s effectiveness and security, bolting on new services and data streams as they become available.
  4. Iterate and upgrade: continuous improvements are possible as data platforms gain in power and capability every year. We work with clients to continually improve their digital twin.