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We use the latest digital technology at every stage of your project. From virtual public consultation through design development, document management and final hand-over – these tools and techniques deliver greater control and insight to your project.

Helen Campbell

Helen Campbell

Director, Technical Software Group

We use the latest digital technology at every stage of your project. From virtual public consultation through design development, document management and final hand-over – these tools and techniques deliver greater control and insight to your project.

Work, transformed

From understanding client requirements and assimilating feedback, to engaging the public or managing large quantities of project information, digital tools are transforming our work. They also bring our clients and creative teams into closer collaboration throughout a project, helping to produce a built environment that is ever more human, sustainable and beautiful.

Virtual consultations

Public consultation is a vital stage of many projects, a moment to explain a scheme, listen to community viewpoints and build support. Our Virtual Engage platform takes this traditionally analogue ‘in-person’ process and moves it online, expanding the number of people who can learn and comment. As a tool and a process, it allows us to understand requirements more comprehensively than before, leading to more inclusive design solutions.

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Visualising success

Our visualisation team produces compelling 3D models, immersive environments, simulations and other digital experiences to help clients explore their schemes in sensory detail. These visually rich, virtual simulations bring people closer to designs, build public confidence and stakeholder support throughout the lifecycle of a project or programme. In essence, seeing is understanding.

Brisbane River walk

Brisbane River Botanic Gardens Riverwalk: seeing is understanding

For the Brisbane River Botanic Gardens Riverwalk project, our visualisations team wanted to bring to life a novel addition to the city’s riverside experience. This was a powerful way to understand the scheme, which comprised multiple connections with the existing river bank, walkways, cycleways, parkland and harbour.

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Hoa Lac Innovation Centre

Hoa Lac National Innovation Centre: innovation in focus

In Vietnam our architecture team have produced a nature-inspired design for this complex mixed-use scheme that will be a new hub for big name tech innovators and start-ups alike. The project is the first of its kind (and scale) in the country, so our visualisations team produced detailed and immersive animations to explain the design’s strengths and build support for the approach.

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LaLiga broadcasting app

LaLiga broadcasting app: lighting the beautiful game

Filming fast-moving sports in large stadiums with a complex mix of artificial and natural light is always demanding. LaLiga commissioned us to develop an interactive app that could map out and test camera locations in 20 arenas, taking into account light levels, as well as glare and shadow lines for different times of the year. A collaboration between our lighting consultants and digital specialists, this predictive tool is helping broadcasters to better understand the lighting conditions in each different venue.

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New Dyfi Bridge

A487 New Dyfi Bridge: building community support

Even when solving a recognised problem like flooding or the need for a new bridge, it’s vital to bring the local community with you, particularly in areas of outstanding natural beauty. For a proposed new bridge at Dyfi in Snowdonia, Wales, we developed an incredibly detailed 3D visualisation with fly-through videos and 360° viewpoints to allow local residents and groups to interact with the scheme and understand the proposals, well before work began.

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Designing experiences

As digital technologies grow in power, they’re changing what we expect from the built environment. We always strive to find the right balance between the physical role of the building and the digital services that will be operated within it.

Experience design is our way of bringing together the physical and digital elements of a project at the earliest stages. We take a human-centred design approach – conducting ethnographic research and user workshops, before prototyping and testing.

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Managing information

In the built environment industry, the success of major schemes depends on up-to-date information, reflective of the latest design changes, shared documentation, and the ability for large groups to track progress. Our digital project portal, Arup Fuse, allows teams to share detailed physical information about a site and its assets, add photos, list risks, asset, stakeholders, share drone footage, LIDAR scans and site images. As a single source of truth, one that aligns the design team and provides the client with access to data, it has great value on complex, multi-organisation projects and programmes.

Fuse has been central to our station improvement work for clients like Auckland Light Rail,  Transport for Wales, and Major Road Projects Victoria, building a more detailed view of a project’s many assets and their condition. Ultimately, by adding more and more layers of data about a project and its impact, we can help clients to achieve socially valuable outcomes.


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