Visualising HS2
Using photo realism, virtual reality, augmented reality and sophisticated visual and aural representations of every aspect of the railway line, we were able to completely bring to life the route, the stations, the experience and the impact of the proposed HS2 line as part of the planning and consultation process.

We support our clients bring to life the many elements of any major rail scheme, to ensure stakeholders are informed and are able to contribute to decision-making. Our expert team support clients develop stakeholder engagement strategies and consultation.

Whether we need to share station designs, let the public experience the likely impact of noise to surrounding areas, understand the environmental impact along the route, or grasp the development potential along the rail corridor, we can also visualise and bring to life any aspect of a scheme. We do this using Arup-developed technologies such as SoundLab and eLab, built by our visualisation and simulation experts.