We also undertake operations for all non-process infrastructure such as mines’ energy, water, roads, rail, ports, airport connections as well as accommodation and support buildings.

Arup undertakes complete asset assessments and technical/economic analyses in order to maximise asset use and profitability. We help mining clients to minimise wastage and reduce negative externalities. 

Fundamental to mining operation is a source of water, an increasingly scarce resource. The use of wellfields can be offset by using desalinated seawater, minimising losses, evaluating processes for water consumption reduction and improved reuse – including using waste heat for multi-effects distillation using waste heat.

Mines are energy intensive and the cost of power is a critical element of mine feasibility. Solutions for off-grid mines with renewable penetration exceeding 85% are viable, or for on-grid mine PPAs or behind the meter wind and solar to reduce energy prices.