Alternative fuels include methanol, ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), biofuels and other e-fuels. While a ‘one solution fits all’ fuel for these sectors is unlikely, hydrogen will play a critical role in their decarbonisation as a feedstock for the majority of sustainable fuel pathways. 

Arup helps clients navigate the regulatory landscape, perform market studies, and establish feasible avenues to accelerate the deployment and use of sustainable fuels. Our experts cover a wide range of disciplines, applied to sustainable fuels conversion project concept studies, site selection, analysis of land area, water infrastructure and access requirements.  

Offering a combination of expertise across the energy and aviation industries, we are also helping owners and operators to explore the infrastructure requirements presented by sustainable fuels, and the ensuing implications for sustainable airport design and operation.

In the maritime sector, we are working with partners to address decarbonisation through green shipping corridors and landside infrastructure development.