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Hydrogen and other renewables in a CGI render

Hydrogen and sustainable fuels

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can help tackle critical energy challenges, especially in sectors where carbon emission reductions are hardest to achieve. Green hydrogen is critical for the production of sustainable fuels including e-ammonia, e-methanol and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). We partner with clients worldwide – from governments and energy networks to investors – to support the use of clean hydrogen derived from renewable or nuclear energy, or blue hydrogen produced with fossil fuels and carbon capture.  

We deliver projects across the hydrogen economy through strategy, policy, project management, digital, consenting and engineering expertise. Engaging collaboratively with all stakeholders in the hydrogen ecosystem, we aim to build the confidence and partnerships necessary to scale project ambitions and progress towards impactful deployment.

How we can help

We are helping clients to explore the operational potential of blue and green hydrogen and related fuels:


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