We meticulously assess each development phase to sensitively adapt existing structures while enhancing their functionality and performance. This includes transforming ageing offices and industrial structures into versatile workspaces, repurposing neglected areas into vibrant shopping districts, and extending the lifespan of historic buildings while upgrading their performance.

At the iconic Spruce Goose, Arup collaborated with Google to undergo a remarkable transformation, converting the historic hangar into four modern stories of office space. Similarly, we played a pivotal role in the revitalisation of Coal Drops Yard, turning a derelict industrial site into a bustling shopping destination in London. At 1 Triton Square, our architects and engineers demonstrated our ‘marginal gains’ approach, wherein every conceivable system, component, and strategy undergoes rigorous analysis and refinement to enhance performance and achieve the utmost sustainability.

In addition to transformative renovations, Arup excels in creatively upgrading existing buildings to maximise their value. Whether it's creating new basements or adding storeys, these innovative solutions deliver remarkable outcomes. For instance, at Quay Quarter Tower, our engineers contributed to the sustainable transformation of a 1970s tower into a modern, smart-enabled, and WELL Platinum-certified building, nearly doubling its net lettable area with only a 30% increase in core space. Similarly, at 80 M Street in Washington DC, we facilitated the construction of a vertical extension using mass timber, adding three full floors to the existing concrete building. 

Arup also specialises in sympathetically restoring heritage buildings, such as Generali’s Procuratie Vecchie. Our approach ensures the preservation of historical integrity while upgrading performance to meet contemporary standards, seamlessly blending the old with the new.