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Process engineering

Designing the systems that power successful businesses

Designing the systems that power successful businesses

Process engineering is at the heart of many of the solutions needed to satisfy a growing society seeking a sustainable future, where the challenges of climate change are being tackled through innovation, collaboration and the influence of governments.  Our involvement in the circular economy, the progression towards a net-zero carbon future and the creation of resilient thinking, shines a spotlight on the power of process engineering.

With our depth and breadth of skills, we can offer advice across a worldwide range of sectors:

  • Green energy, including the production of hydrogen, associated derivatives and synthetic fuels

  • Nuclear

  • Chemical

  • Water

  • Food and drink

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Waste and resources

The global transition towards clean energy and the continued focus on decarbonisation are forcing a transformational change in the way organisations use and recover resources. We understand that amongst these pressures there are opportunities to minimise the impact of commercial and reputational risks by adopting innovative operational strategies.  These strategies can be extended into the supply chain and local communities to ensure a holistic approach and increased resilience is achieved.  

We are a global team of specialist chemical engineers, scientists and industrial experts who shape everything from conceptual design ideas through pre-FEED and FEED to completed turnkey facilities. Our process safety experts support our projects at all stages of delivery, ensuring regulatory compliant and safe solutions are delivered for all our clients. Our goal is always to understand the needs of our clients and through collaboration deliver sustainable, safe, cost effective and high-performance solutions with a focus on design development, process optimisation, debottlenecking and control of chemical, physical, and biological process, from hydrogen production to carbon capture and transformation through to water and wastewater treatment.

Start the process early

Process engineering is valuable from the initial phase of the project life cycle, through design development, commissioning and operation. We conceptualise ideas, gather relevant data, evaluate commercial implications and establish levels of project risk whilst building investor confidence.
Our process engineering teams work with clients to define the fundamental requirements of the proposed scheme. We find that this upfront, high-level planning and exploration saves time later in the project, improves everyone’s understanding of possible implications, and significantly reduces investment risk.

Optimised processes, lower costs

Effective process engineering is a route to lower capital and operational costs. Our team takes a forensic approach to every aspect of process development and function, allowing us to advise on the most efficient use of energy, water and resources. This helps our clients to realise the ambitions in their business plan and achieve their wider operational goals with confidence.

Green Hydrogen Production Facility, Trecwn, Wales

Arup was appointed by Statkraft to complete a technical and commercial assessment of the proposed installation of a 15MW green hydrogen production facility, with facilities for the refuelling of hydrogen buses and heavy goods vehicles. The facility will be powered entirely by renewable electricity, generated locally from wind and solar power.

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Staying ahead of regulation

Despite their diversity, our clients all have one thing in common: they operate in highly regulated environments. With specialist teams across the world, we appreciate the need to satisfy local regulatory compliance and the impact this can have on business operations.  Creating a framework for meeting compliance is essential to long-term business planning and we can help to define, measure, analyse, improve and develop control strategies to compliment future business objectives.

We help ensure new or existing systems and technologies are compliant with local requirements. And to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of health and safety legislation we carry out regular reviews of best practices, regulations, procedures, and processes, to help clients maintain a culture of zero accidents.

Designing for higher performance

Our process engineering team develop the scope for civil, mechanical and electrical engineering along with the relevant supporting instrumentation and control systems. This same end-to-end capability informs our approach to process optimisation and functional safety. We audit existing system, de-bottleneck and identify recommendations for retrofits or improvements. 

In water, our engineers have worked on improvements to clean and wastewater treatment systems, finding new ways to work with by-products of this vital resource process. In the nuclear sector, we have worked with Sellafield Ltd to provide advice on safety aspects of their generation and waste facilities. In aerospace, we’ve helped Rolls-Royce to design a new bulk chemical storage and transfer facility. And we’ve worked for international brewing companies like Guinness, Coors and Heineken to develop sustainable solutions to optimise production and recover valuable resources.

Digital leaders

Our Process engineers employ a range of digital tools throughout the project life cycle.  Inhouse design tools are used alongside dynamic process simulation software which can help with modelling and optimisation of complex systems.  3-D computer aided design can be combined with 3-D laser scanning to explore spatial options when considering plant layout details and pipework configurations.  Our process engineers use analytical techniques including computational fluid dynamics to model hazardous chemical releases and consequences. Our simulation approach combines mathematical data modelling and deep engineering knowledge to draw conclusions about the current and future state of an operational asset. In using our global Aspen HYSYS license we allow our process engineers to accurately and efficiently design and cost process engineering solutions.