How do you become a change maker?; How do you become a change maker?;

Sustainable Forces S1 E5: How do you become a changemaker?

How do you become a changemaker?

Over the past few years, change has been rapid, constant and in many cases out of our control. With the uncertainty of the pandemic and the climate crisis some people may have experienced feelings of hopelessness or the desire to help. But what if we told you that inside us all is a changemaker, with the power to harness this pace and affect the change you want to see in the world? That your skills, no matter your profession, can help bring about meaningful change. In this episode, Dr Michelle Dickinson speaks with Eleanor Loudon, CEO at Engineers Without Borders Australia and Sunny Oliver-Bennetts, our Australasia Community Engagement Leader, to find the answer to this question and how together we can create impactful change. 

Change requires a systems lens, continually reflecting, asking why and working collectively. ”

Eleanor Loudon CEO, Engineers Without Borders Australia

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